Any tournament season in Canada happens with vigor and no one can afford to miss out on anything. This sport is so historic that you cannot learn everything about it in a short time.

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This is one of the countries that have taken up the sport seriously and the riders are reaping handsome benefits out of this. The activity is staged with such great hype that riders give their best to win the coveted prize. Canada is such a big ground for show jumping.

Show Jumping Event In Canada

In 2006, Canada announced that the show jumping event had lost a significant amount of funding to the Rio Olympics. This amount was slightly over $1,175,000. The Olympic year was the hardest for the lovers of sport in Canada. Most of them expected that the funding would remain so that the young generation could be guided to attend the games to have some motivation. However, to the amazement of many, the money was slashed and retained back in Canada due to the sole reason that the team competing in the Rio Olympics was not up to the task of winning a gold medal. This was done on the basis of the poor performance that the team had displayed in the previous event.

Dornan Chris said that the funding had to be reduced since the team had no potential to win a medal.

Even though the team won gold against some of the best players in the world, however, it was a wrong basis to argue that the team needed more funding. Even though this was true, the move was ill advised. Canada is not a pushover nation when it comes to horse racing. The country has some of the best breeds of horses and some of the best riders across the globe. Regardless of the season and time of the year, the Canadian riders have managed to inculcate a culture of winning. All about Canadian Show Jumping Tournament

Some of the competitors may complain that the horse riders from Canada have the best horses for racing while other are of the opinion that the Canadians overwork in training. While both may hold some water, it is the overworking and practicing a step over and over again that makes the Canadian horse riders unique.

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Art Of Winning In Show Jumping

They have mastered the art of winning. Losing a game is not in their blood stream. Even though Canadian show jumping event has once been banned by the International Equestrian Federation, the nation has never given up on the sport. They know that they are among the best under the globe so that gives them confidence to fight.

One of the events that you can expect to find in Canada are the Hunter Jumper Ultimate Challenge. The game has three phases and it is designed to encourage the young riders to be vigilant and always careful in the sport. Canada has always provided the best breed of horses so that training them becomes easy. The riders are given some time to race with the horse in friendly tournaments so as to ensure that the rider and the horse are familiar to each other. A horse may be selective to hear the language of the person who rides it more often.

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