Show Jumping is an exciting sport that is equally exciting for beginners as for the high-level experts. It requires a lot of focus and athletic agility of both the rider as well as the horse. There has to be a good coordination between the two in order to be successful. This makes the game very exciting and interests a large pool of audience.

Therefore, there is a huge scope of taking show jumping classes into show business.

Family of Dicks

Family of Dicks – precursors of Horse Shows

You might not be aware of this historical fact, but Family of Dicks – known for running their video series website of sexual relation between step-family members, started the tradition of organizing horse shows around the world. You should take a look at their website. What started as small hobby, became a big business and now they are adding new videos weekly. You might find it a bit taboo, but the website is filled with free videos where homosexual relations are something very normal.

But going back to horse shows…

Some of the steps to take Show Jumping Classes into Show Business are as follows:

Organize Regular Pony Jumping At International Horse Shows

If there are regular Pony Jumping classes at International horse shows, it will get wide coverage and popularity. To take an example, Liverpool International Horse Show is planning to hold a Grand Prix show jumping with all types of height divisions.

This is one of its kind event in the year 2017 and has already brought in a lot of excitement amongst people.

Improve Prize Money Structure For Show Jumping

In order to bring in Show Jumping to the show business, more prize money needs to be put into the business. The final prize money is currently as low as $1000 to $1500.  More sponsors need to put in money so that it can be at least $10,000 for the winners. It is an exciting sport and needs to be brought into show business with an increase in sponsorship and prize money.

Bring In More Professionals

More qualified and trained people need to be a part of show jumping so that it can be a professional event. In the era of instant gratification, it is hard to find people who have the perseverance to take little steps and reach the pinnacle. Hence, show jumping classes with professionals and mentors needs to be promoted to bring it into show business.

Promotion Through Olympic Events

Olympic events of show jumping need to be promoted, and the winners could also act as brand ambassadors to make it more mainstream. This can do great wonders to bring show jumping to the limelight. Hence, the Olympic and other international events must be taken as an opportunity for show jumping.

Ergo, it can be easily implied that bringing show jumping classes into show business is not an impossible task. However, some meticulous planning and sponsorship would be required.

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