This new jumping youth development program was launched to enhance the number of participants at the horse jumping competitions. The program aims at encouraging the youngsters about the Canadian horse jumping sport, the various competitions, and the different levels that are conducted periodically throughout the year. Furthermore, this Canadian youth development program is well known for its talent identification and excellent mentorship. The program advisor has ensured separate care to be taken in order to facilitate the development of young competitive teams and the participants for the FEI ( Federation Equestre Internationale) competition

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Goals Of The Jumping Youth Development Program

The youth program conducts special camps to train people and provide immense knowledge and insights to the participants about the nuance of the horse jumping game. Usually, a variety of horse breeds and jumping events are conducted. This youth development programme in Canada is the best place for the youngsters to get trained from excellent mentors and participate at a high level. The venues where the Canadian Show jumping is conducted are all excellent, vibrant and unique that has drawn the attention of many youngsters.

Highest level of horse jumping training, preparation, mentoring the youngsters are some of the characteristics of the Canadian new jumping youth development program. The program also helps and trains youngsters with the necessary skills and knowledge of the sport. This greatly helps them to aim high and represent Canada during the world level tournaments and the Olympics. This young rider development program continues to serve as the best means to become a part of the senior team.

Significant Result Of Youth Development Program

Launched in 2015, this Canadian youth development programme has been a major part in helping Canada obtain some excellent results in the game. Furthermore, the program will also aim in training the young riders, the trainers and also educating the parents and the owners about the horse jumping.

Under this development programme, many students have earned plenty of accolades and a collection of NAYC medals since the year 2016. In addition, many people have successfully become a part of the senior horses jumping team. Ever since the launch of the youth development program, there has been steady development in the good results of the game at high levels. This program has encouraged many parents to encourage the children to play the horse jumping sport and also watch many shows that are frequently conducted in Canada.

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