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2017 promises to be a great year for the lovers of show jumping. Sports men and women will gather in various parts of the world to showcase their talents and unique skills as they compete for some coveted prizes across the world. You cannot afford to keep calm while the world is being shaken by some of the best horse riders. This year is likely to see improved breeds of horses and it will be interesting to see how the new breeds will compete against the already seasoned ones. Across Europe, there is virtually no city that will not be without a show jumping event. You can therefore expect the sport to come near you. Prepare to cheer your favorite team and individual.

Cheltenham Show Jumping Season

Cheltenham Show Jumping Season
Cheltenham Show Jumping Season

The atmosphere of the area make the hair of your body to stand erect. This is the epitome of fun and ecstasy in Cheltenham. Some of the activities that are featured here include jump racing, jockeys, and other interesting ones. The trainers and the horse riders battle it out for the top honors which include handsome payouts to the overall winner.

The prize money is over £4 million. During the event, over 250,000 enter the gates in a period of four days. Such a huge number cannot be in the stadium without proper security.

Beijing And London

These two are economic powerhouses globally. They have been included in the list of the places that horse riders will gather to compete in the Global Champions League and the Longines Global Champions Tour. The inclusion of the two cities makes show jumping a more interesting sport this year. Majority of the fans await the arrival of the events held in the two dynamic capitals. This is indeed an expansion of the sport and takes it to an electrifying level. The world’s best are gearing up for the challenge and fans from all walks of life are ready to gather in the stadiums to enjoy some of the challenging clashes of all time.

LGCT Of Miami Beach

The sports men and women will compete for the best prizes in kind and cash. Across the world, the events will be followed by millions of viewers who will watch it from the comfort of their homes. Teams and individual competitions will be staged in various capital cities across the world but the finals will be held in a chosen place between the two. CNN, the international news channel, is poised to broadcast all the matches from either location. This will be a plus for the renowned media house. Moreover, it is anticipated that the sporting events will be streamed live so as to increase the viewership and give the Show Jumping sport more publicity.

Mexico is also expected to host high jumping. The Mexican event will be done 2,000 meters above sea level. After the high octane jumps in Mexico, riders will head over to the shores of the famous Atlantic Ocean for more sporting activities. Moreover, they will also be expected to gather at the Miami Beach to play more and therefore, excite the fans. The expert analysis from the commentators will give you a deep insight into the sport.

You will love it since every detail will be broken down for you so that you may form a well-informed opinion about the sport.

In April 2017, the show jumping event is expected to take place in Shanghai, China. The Chinese are increasingly interested in the sport. The equestrian sport rhymes well with the acrobatic nature of Chinese sports. The elegance of the sport is also a major thing that the Chinese love.

Asian Continent Competitors

After leaving the Asian Continent, the competitors will then tour Europe. The first show is expected to be in the Spanish Capital, Madrid. This will be between 18th to 21st May. Immediately after touring Madrid, the event will then be moved to Hamburg, Germany from May 24 to May 28. The previous event in Germany attracted over 90,000. This year’s event will be epic.
The Mediterranean destination of Cannes will be next after Germany. This will happen from 8th June to 10th June. On 23rd June, the event will be staged in Riviera, Monaco until the 25th of June.

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