Michael Jung Wins Gold

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A Picture While Michael Jung Wins Gold

He is a German. He was riding his horse Sam, and together they won the second consecutive gold in Olympics. Thus Sam was named as the third horse in the history of horse riding to win the two golds consecutively. Interestingly, Michael Jung had not chosen Sam as his first choice horse for the games in Rio. The horse that he chose previously had unfortunately picked up an infection seven days before the animals arrived in Rio. However, Michael rode Sam so professionally that they staged a comeback from position five to enter into the record books of the Olympic Games.

Philip Dutton Wins Individual Race

He was the oldest Olympian who was competing. He was not about to give up even though there were other youthful players who were determined to outdo him in his wits. However, he was out to prove that his prowess in equestrian moments is not by mistake. Philip took to the stadium amid cheers and jitters from a large section of the fans. Some thought that he would stumble and fall while others were still confident that he would pull a surprise. He sat on his horse calmly waiting for the whistle to start the race. The 52-year old man was surprisingly celebrating his birthday on the same day.

The whistle was blown. He took to the racecourse amid cheers from his fans. Initially, people thought that he was just any other rider since he was positioned at number 15. To their surprise, he moved from the 15th spot and did an incredible run to finish position 3 and won a bronze medal. This prompted the fans to fill the stadium with each of them seeking to have glimpse of this star. Phillip won the bronze title contrary to the expectations of many. {NOTE TO DEVELOPER: Kindly link ‘The Competitive Aspect of Equestrian Sports’ to the article ‘Magnificent Horse Jumps in Olympics’}

A Moment When Philip Dutton Wins Individual Race

A Near-Death Performance By Diddy And Laura Graves

They have not been in the limelight since 2004. The pair was to represent the dressage team of the United States. The rest of the horses had covered considerable distance, thereby denying Laura Graves and Diddy any chance of winning a medal. However, towards the homestretch, Laura and Diddy splinted to the front and managed to win a bronze medal to the amazement of many fans. No one expected them to win anything since their fate appeared to have been sealed. Laura accomplished this wonderful task, thereby delivering a title to her team for the first time in more than a decade.

Spanish Severo Jurado Lopez Rides Horse Lorenzo To Smooth Victory

Even though the pair never won gold for their team, they gave the performance of a lifetime, hence winning the heart of everyone who was in the stadium.

Velegro And Charlotte Dujardin Win Gold

This is a British duo that has numerous decorations in the history of the sport. They have constantly set new records and broken them. A case in point is the record the duo set in the London games only for them to break it. The gold won in this race was the first one. They have won others in other competitions. This was a special event since on this day Charlotte’s boyfriend proposed her for marriage by using a T-shirt to convey his message.

Isabell Werth’s 10th Olympic Medal Gives Her Unmatched Fame

This win made Isabell the most decorated athlete in the history of Olympic Games. She led the German dressage team to win a coveted gold in the famous competition dubbed Grand Prix Special. She did not stop there; she went on to win as an individual in the Individual Freestyle during the same competition. She came second and won silver beating Andy Van Grunsven from the Netherlands. She is one of the best Olympic athletes since she has ten medals to her name.

Jumping Gold Won By The France Team

During the Rio Olympic competitions, the France team fought hard to stage a memorable comeback from the fifth position to the first position, hence winning gold. The team was behind Brazil, Netherlands, USA, and Germany.

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