Rocky Mountains And You

You are here in the Rocky Mountains and you are not sure where to begin having fun since every place looks appealing. You have endless options. Therefore, it is important to get a few tips of what to do, where and when. The Rocky Mountains of Canada are more than ready to quench your thirst of having fun.

Can You Work On The Rocky Mountains?

Alpine Mountain Biking In The Canadian Rockies

For anyone coming from the rest of the world, the Rocky Mountains are a great a place to work and have fun at the same time. Majority of the job seekers who gather in Canada go to the mountains since there are endless job opportunities. Some of the jobs that one can do on the mountains include customer service representative, ski patrol, barmaid, snowboard/ski instructor, cook, and liftee among others.

It does not matter if you are from Wales, China, Australia, Ireland, Korea, or Japan, you will always have a mate from your country.

The jobs however do not pay admirable salaries. Expect an average of $10 per hour, but this is better than none. Better half loaf than none. The advantage of the job is that you get free tickets to have fun all through the season, meaning that you can ski and snowboard for free. You can also reside in the staff quarters at discounted prices. The meals are also offered at fair prices for the staffs. However, you will leave the mountains elated and much happier. If you are ready to work in the region, make sure that you apply online in the month of October. You will be interviewed via telephone or webcam. Get ready to work on the mountains!

Mountain Biking

After the melting of the snow on the Rocky Mountains or even before, the areas around the mountains are filled with new beings. They all look for the adrenaline and speed that was enjoyed by the people that were on the mountains during the snow period. During the summer season, the Rocky Mountains become Mountain Bikers Playground. You can still find work to do but it is not as easy as during the snowy season. Rental houses are easy to find adjacent to the mountains.

It does not matter if you are an expert in Mountain Biking or an expert in the same, you have a lot of activities to do here. The 30.4 km Trail at Rossland’s Seven Summits is a place worth visiting and trying your luck. Mind blowing experience awaits you here.

The Rocky Mountain Legacy Trail

Skiing And Snowboarding

Listing all the areas at the Rocky Mountains where you can ski or snowboard would be a daunting task. You can visit these mountains from November to April and you will have plenty of space to ski. Most of the people prefer to go to Jasper, Whistler, or Banff. Do not dismiss the mountains that are not named; they are wonderful areas that offer challenging terrains to ski. You can also turn to the unnamed mountains to have some personal playtime. There is literally no ski resort that does not have ample space to ski.

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