Show Jumping In Olympic Stadiums

Show jumping is also called jumpers or stadium jumping. The event incorporates an array of equestrian events such as eventing, equitation, hunters, and dressage. Show jumping classes are a common occurrence around the world, even at the Olympics. You will find that some shows are only required to be attended by jumpers and the classes could be offered in collaboration with other events. Show jumping is indeed a very big division of sport and various sports disciplines refer to the manual of show jumping. Show jumping is guided and controlled by an array of national horse show organizations, for example, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). However, internationally, the show jumping competitions are overseen by the Federation Equestre International (FEI).

In order to comprehend the rules and regulations that guide show jumping, it is of essence to be aware of the terms that are used in the sport. It is not until the time you understand the terms, that you know what the commentator means when he or she says a given term. Failure to do so would mean or imply that you are just listening to a monkey gimmick.

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Show Jumping Athletes

An athlete is the person who competes in a sport. Show jumping is known to be the only sport that involves two living beings competing together. They are a rider and a horse. The rider has to give the horse a name so that they can be called a pair in the sport. No one competes in the show jumping competition as a solo person. They have to be a pair. Show jumping horses are mostly born and bred Belgium, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

The rider is not just a man who sits on the horse. He can almost be compared to a pilot. Riding begins at a very young age for the rider. He or she is the brain that holds the competition together. He has sharp eyesight, great skills, and ability to set the horse on balance without disturbing it. The rider’s eyes and ability of making a fast decision are critical in the game.

The arena is the stage where the game is played. The ring has cameras that capture live events as well as the obstacles which are beautifully done.

Women and men compete both in team events and individual competitions. In the modern society, the horse and the rider are supposed to finish a course range of 10 to 13 jumps. The objective here is to ascertain that the pair has skills that are accurate enough to produce a starring performance.

Show Jumping As Competition

The competition is aimed at ensuring that the horse completes the course without hitting any obstacle. This is called a clear round. However, if any obstacle is hit during the race, penalties are amassed. The winner of the event is the rider and the horse that hit the least number of obstacles, hence incurring the least number of penalties. Moreover, the time taken to complete the course is also taken into consideration before declaring the winner.

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